About Us


The Vision and the Chruch FSM e.V is to propagate the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to the world. By making and training powerful disciples and equip them for the work of the ministry.

To promote the coming together and unity of the body of Christ

Foundation Stone Ministry, is a community of Christians who worship Jesus together in Aachen-Germany.Our priority is to give honour and glory to the name of Jesus Christ who is God & Lord over all. We believed that, we have had our spiritual lives were given back to us by God for the Son’s sacrificial life on the cross of Calvary and for this great achievement for us, we are leading a victorious Christian life style in this world.
God has given us His words of life, which is the Bible, His Word. His Words bring life and we have found
great joy in understanding and living them. Through them we have found wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding, healing and strength.
As Lord over everything, He has authority over our lives and so does His Word the Bible.
He has sent His Holy Spirit to be our Counsellor, to guide, strengthen and instruct us. It is our privilege to
speak to God knowing He listens and to hear His voice guiding and encouraging us. We seek to know He is with us (His Presence) daily and to listen to His instruction and direction.
Jesus sent us to tell each person the good news that we can have peace with God and friendship, by Jesus’ work for us on the cross.
We also carry the good news that God will destroy all that is evil, and bring fair consequence on all who do evil. God’s command to turn from evil and to Him is urgent, so each person can receive mercy, forgiveness and live at peace with Jesus Christ the King over all.
The blessings of God’s Kingdom include healing and freedom. These we have experienced and enjoy.
Healing discusses this more fully.
As a community of believers, we care for one another. Our Sunday meetings, as well as our Wednesday
weekly deliverance service are an opportunity for us to encourage and pray for one another.
As a church under the authority of God, we have aimed to build a church life according to New Testament patterns. New Covenant Church International is led by a team of Pastors/Elders, who are assisted in the administration and care of the church by a team of Deacons. Leadership
Foundation Stone Ministry works together with other churches in Germany who share our passion to honour Jesus.At Foundation Stone Ministry, we believe that, you have a unique purpose in life. Through Biblical teaching, we help you to achieve everything God has for you! We cordially invite you to attend our services where you will be welcomed into an energetic, multi-racial and loving atmosphere. Come as you are and leave changed for the glory of God

We are a church that intercede with prayer on behalf of any individual when a request is made. We shall be glad to do the same for you, and if you have any prayer request please fill the forms below and submit and we will get back to you as soon as possible and help you pray. However we shall be grateful to you, to testify  whe God answers your request.